Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday 20 August

Yay! Today I managed to book James' birthday party. I have even had mothers asking me when his party was going to be. Today I finally booked it. James went to a party a few weeks ago at Science Alive & really enjoyed it & wanted his party to be there so that is where the party will be. Just the thought of 15 boys running around our house made me veto that idea. It was alright for Brent's class because it was smaller but James' class is a bit bigger.
This is the invite that I made for him. He was very excited to get them all printed off so he can give them to everyone in his class tomorrow.


Hannah said...

Wow, you invite ALL the kids in their class?? That's impressive!
This Science Alive place sounds really great, I wonder if there is something similar here in Auckland? I'm sure Ethan would enjoy that.
Glad you got it booked and the invites done - that's the first difficult job of organising a child's birthday party! ;-)

Paxil Princess said...

Fabulous invitations!
Sounds like a fun place for a party.
Its hard to believe your baby is already almost 6 yrs old.

Jenny said...

Those are lovely invitations, Katrina. I tried to do something similar with Ross' but they weren't nearly as impressive as yours! Eek at having to invite the whole class!

Tink said...

Wonderful invitation and such a great place to have a party. I wonder if they have them at the Discovery Science Center we have here.