Friday, August 31, 2007

Freezer contents

Blog Prompt: Just call me nosy Rosy! I had to defrost my freezer this month in hopes of repairing it, which we did. It amazed me to find stuff in there that I had forgotten about! Name 5 things in your freezer right now.

I have a freezer as well as the fridge/freezer.

5 things in my freezer are:
Slica pads - never know when I am going to need them for a picnic.
Toast bread - always good to have a backup supply
Chicken stock - ready for soup
Croissants - a nice standby to have for a breakfast
Stewed rhubarb - for the boys breakfasts

In the fridge/freezer I have
Frozen vegetables
Hash browns
Toast bread

1 comment:

loonyhiker said...

What do you use slica pads at a picnic for? Can you believe I've never seen or tasted rhubarb? I've heard it is good though.