Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thursday 23 August - AKA the Music Evening

R & P arrived at about 1 o'clock especially for this event. It is a fantastic event that is the culmination of all this term's early starts & practicing & learning of tunes & words. Both boys did really well. The "house" started by singing the hymn first & they performed that really well. Then it was on to the "house" song. Their house chose to sing "A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square." That is a very difficult song to sing with lots of high notes as well as a lot of different words to learn. Their song didn't seem quite as good as their hymn.

All the other houses followed on from the boy's house (Clyde) & as the show went on it was easy to see that Clyde had sung the hymn far better than any other house, but their song wasn't as good. So it was quite a surprise when at the end of the evening the ajudicator said that Clyde won. The boys were thrilled & for Brent it has been a threepeat. He has come to the conclusion that it is his singing that wins it, because before that Hamilton was always winning, LOL. You just have to love the egocentricity of little kids.

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