Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday 13 August

That just about sums up today. After a couple days of beautiful warm weather, bam, we got hit with hail, rain & very cold wind. The good thing is that the new soil is wetted down so much it's not going to blow away now. I have been trying to get warm ever since Fed ex pulled me out of the shower.

I have been expecting a delivery from them for the last week & today as I got in the shower I thought it's bound to happen today & Murphy's law would be it will come when I am in the shower. I placed my gym sweats at the door of the shower just in case. I got in the shower & then the bell goes. I wasn't going to let the delivery get delayed so I jumped out of the shower, put my wet body into my gym sweats & ran, breasts bouncing like basket balls, to open the door. She was just pulling closed her van door but I was able to get my delivery. I am now the happy owner of a 12 inch guillatine. It is amazing what tiny fine slithers it can cut, & it cuts through thick cardstock very easily.

The forecast for tomorrow isn't much better so I had better start getting used to freezing again.


Roo said...

Glad you got your parcel - the guillotine sounds cool. Laughing at the bouncing boobs though lol.

loonyhiker said...

You had me laughing too! Isn't that the way it always happens!

so A"MUSE"D said...

so Katrina what brand of cutter is it?? I've been thinking of getting something new??

bahama97 said...

I'm very familiar with Mr. Murphy!! Glad you got your package though...I'm sure it was worth the basketball boobs!! LOL!