Sunday, August 19, 2007

New layout

The scan on this one is very good but I am really chuffed with my pocket page of this layout. The pocket had to be very sturdy as it is holding all Brent's reports & certificates from year 1. I folded a 12*12 cardstock over the bottom half of the background cardstock & then put eyelets down both sides. I threaded ribbon through those eyelets to create some extra strength & I think it worked really well.
This prototype worked so well that I think the same format will be used for both boys Medbury albums from now on.


Paxil Princess said...

Looks great Katrina!
Great way of keeping up with all the wonderful school memorabilia.

Hannah said...

This is a really great idea, Katrina! I must do something like this with Ethan's memorabilia as he already has 3 certificates and he's only been at school for 2 months!! So I'm sure there will be more, and reports as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

Karen said...

Love that pocket Katrina. Great idea for keeping all the school year's memorabilia together with the pictures.

Tink said...

Excellent idea. Thanks for sharing it.