Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday 14 August

A very uninspired & unispiring card today. Today was just one of those days, in fact I think this seems to strike every Tuesday, when really I am not inspired & have no creativity. Maybe it's because Tuesday is a day full on in the morning with PMP & then the short time to do all the chores, so it is all go, go, go but not really for me. Speaking of not really for me, I didn't go for a jog today. I really didn't want to go for a jog in 3C temperatures when the sun isn't out & it is just grey & threatening rain. I won't dissolve, I know that, but really it just doesn't exactly entice me to get out for the run.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, in fact I know it will be because I am going swimming tomorrow! I just love swimming. I am thinking of going over to QE2 & swimming in their 50 metre pool because Centenial closed off 3 of the 6 lanes last time for aquasize! Talk about a swimming traffic jam then.

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