Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I went to the supermarket & saw a lovely display of jonquils & freesias so I bought some just to make the house look more cheerful. I love the yellowness of them & the scent of course.

Why is it that it is when visitors are due to stay that the kids decide to do whatever they can to make the workload more than the usual amount. It started off with Brent wetting his bed in the early hours of tuesday morning. That was a sheet, matress protector & pjs. Then this morning he puts all his weight on the towel rail that was screwed into the bathroom wall. He managed to get it pulled off the wall. Really I am at my wits end with his behaviour, but if I ask him to do anything or not do something he always retorts "I know, I know". He obviously doesn't because otherwise he wouldn't have pushed down on it. I was so cross that I just told him to sit in the car & then i turned my timer on for 15 minutes & did some laundry while trying to calm down.
Scott managed to get it screwed back into the wall tonight but we did charge Brent for the screws & the thingys that are needed to hold the screws in the wall since the holes are bigger than the thread. It only came to about 10 cents but I hope Brent has learnt a lesson.


PJ said...

Love the cards Katrina. Bugger about the kids not playing ball, lets hope they sort themselves out before the visitors arrive.

so A"MUSE"D said...

{{hugs}} Katrina... hopefully he'll get straightened out soon!!

Paxil Princess said...

Brent sounds like a real handful...a lot like my daughter...and she's 13 yrs old *lol*

The cards look great!

Tink said...

It all works out in the end. It's just a stage where he has to see how many buttons he can push. I think you had the right idea in charging him for the replacement. When the Bombshell snuck out of the house many years ago through her window, Pan bought a broomstick handle and made her measure, cut and hammer it in the window jam so she couldn't open her window.

Jenn said...

(hug) I know how you feel. It will get better, Ryan used to do the same types of things. Just try to keep your sanity until that day comes :)