Monday, April 27, 2015

A week in April 2012

Yippee! I have completed another layout.  This one is a paper based one using cardstock and embellishments from Club Scrap, the varsity kit.  There weren't many photos taken during the week of 15-21 April 2012 so I didn't use a pocket page.  Again it's a minimalist layout but at least it is memories scrapped.  The photos of the netball and the Westpac Arena are not mine, they were sourced from the internet.

 Journalling reads:
15 - watched the Tactix play the Steel at Westpac Arena.  Tactix lost 53-55
16 - went for a run
17 - went to lunch at North & South with Dad and Janet.
21 - James ran his first club cross country run for Christchurch Avon. It was the Hagley Memorial Relay.  It was 1.9km and he ran it in 8 minutes 15 and came 9th in his age group.

In other news I have just had a shipping notification from Artscow that my digital layouts have just been shipped out.  I have asked for them to be printed as 12x12inch size and the exciting thing is I even got a discount of 20%.  I was surprised because it said the discount would not apply to photo prints so I did wonder if it would apply to 12x12 layouts.  It did, so I am very pleased.  It will be nice to have some of the digital layouts I created years ago off my computer and safely stored in my scrapbook albums.

Speaking of scrapbook albums I went looking through them the other day and I have a lot of them plus about 25 pages that need to be put in albums. I think I might need to rethink my strategy for the boys albums.  At one stage I was keeping them with an album a year but with them getting older and not really being around all day everyday the photo opportunities are less.  I think that from now on their albums will be of their childhood.  Medbury started selling monogramed albums so I bought one for each of the boys so their Medbury photos can go in it.  From now on I think any photos of the boys that really have no story line can go in a yearly album.  The story photos (and there aren't many of those) I will create a photobook for.  I have used Artscow in the past for their 6x6" photobooks and they were really good, so I think I will create an ongoing photobook of each of the boys for their special moments.  That way it is not lots of huge albums for them which they may or may not ever want.  That will feed my need to be creative and get their photos in books while making it not so arduous for them later.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting my scrapping happening!

I am feeling really excited that finally I can get more time to scrap & get creative. I can also be free to use what ever product I like which makes decision making difficult but it is very nice to have the choice. 

For the last two days I have been working on a digital layout of the 9 course dinner Scott & I had to celebrate our wedding anniversary earlier this year.

This is the double page layout together.  I used a Club Scrap digital kit called Lotus Pond & based the layout from a card from the Club Scrap Idea Deck volume 2, called A Dozen Times over formula.

 This is the left hand page.

 Here is the right hand page.
Not much room for journalling but really the food spoke for itself that night, so I just added the white text of what each course was.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Loving the autumn colours

Wow, this year the colours of the trees down Memorial Ave look spectacular.  I am sure they look good every autumn but I wonder if because we haven't had a decent hard wind for a week or so if the leaves are staying on the trees for longer so I get more opportunities to see them.  Before the next nor' west arrives I took the opportunity to take a few photos.  I tried to pick a quiet time of day traffic wise but as usual it was still too busy for me to stand in the centre of the road and comfortably take a photo.  I drive along this road everyday and I think the trees look better from the road than from either the median strip or the footpath.  I would love to take a photo while driving but I need a willing particpant to do that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All About the Toe

Towards the end of last term Brent was starting to get annoyed with me.  He felt that the only child I cared about was James because I was forever running around to either swimming or athletics because of James.  So needless to say when he started getting a sore toe he didn't tell me about it, "because you don't care mum!"  We went into Rebel Sport and tried on some new football boots for Brent.  We had to send Scott up the shop ladder to get the boots that were in the middle of a stack of boxes, up high above the display case.  We got our hands on the box and Brent tried on the boots and yippeee they fit!  I then tell him to take off his Christ's College football socks so that he can wear his normal shoes again and I noticed that he had worn another pair of socks underneath his football socks.  I queried him about it at the time and he said "because mum I wear shin pads & they have that thing that goes over your foot, so it will be the same as that."  The way he said that to me like I was some moron stopped me from questioning further so I left it at that.

Monday came round and it was time for football trials which Brent went to.  When I picked him up afterward he was in a very angry uncommunicative mood and wouldn't tell me much except he didn't want to play this sport anymore.  I asked him why and there was no response so instead of pushing the issue I let it be.  Wednesday came and again there were football trials and again when I picked him up he was in a foul mood.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he hated the team he has been put in.  He has been put in the 14th grade so he is with the boys that are in year 10, the same boys he played with last season and they lost every game.  Oh well I can't argue with the fact that that would annoy him.

Monday 30 March James finally told me that Brent's toe looked funny.  I asked what he meant and he wouldn't tell me, so I asked Brent what was funny about his toe.  At first Brent wouldn't tell me so I told him to take his socks off so I could see what's so funny about his toe.  Oh dear, that toe wasn't looking funny at all, it was a big, red, angry, bloody mess. I asked him how long it had looked like that and Brent's response was a couple of weeks and he didn't want to tell me because he thought I wouldn't care.  Lovely he gets sick but won't tell me, because he thinks I don't care. I need to read his mind to find out that he is sick to be able to show I care. It makes no sense.

Scott and Brent went to the afterhours doctors and eventually came back home with antibiotics and being told Brent was not allowed to do running or kicking (goodbye football for a while).  After a week of antibiotics the mess hadn't really cleared up so we went back to the doctors and got more antibiotics and while we were there the doctor rang the podiatrist and the podiatrist suggested that after that lot of antibiotics were finished we should go and see him.

A week ago we saw the podiatrist for the first time and he took a good look at the ugly toe.  He came to the decision that Brent had an ingrown toenail and that it will never get fixed unless he removed part of that toenail.

Yesterday was the procedure to remove part of the toenail.  It didn't take too long and luckily he gave Brent some local anaesthetic to numb up the whole toe.  Brent was then sent home with a huge bandage on his toe and told to rest for the rest of the day, which suited Brent just fine.

We went back to the podiatrist this morning and Brent has a smaller bandage on his toe now and strict instructions not to do any running or kicking for about 6-8 weeks while his skin mends itself around the left over toenail. He has to change his dressing every second day and wear the dressing until there is no more blodd, pus coming out, probably 6 weeks.

Brent was also told by the podiatrist that next time he should actually tell his mother when he gets sore toes because it would've been easier to fix earlier on.

Dear Brent I hope you learn just one thing from this. I love you dearly and will always be there for you no matter what, but I can't do that if you don't talk to me, I am not a mind reader!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Day in my Life - 19 April 2015

The process of printing out my old blog entries has helped me realise the importance (in case of natural disaster) and the interest of how my life changes as the boys grow up.  My life changes around them, what I did in 2009 I don't always do now.  The sights I saw in 2009 have changed and some of them don't even exist anymore.  On reflection it was a good idea to have tried to take a photo a day, I never managed a full year but some of those mundane photos show a change between then & now that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.  I am no good at keeping a diary but I was pretty good at keeping up my blogs, so maybe it is time to take more everyday snapshots & see what has changed since 2009.  I hope to take a photo a day, but that may not always happen, this time I won't beat myself up about it because it doesn't matter because if I only have a few photos each month I am still documenting me & my family's life.

A good way to start I think is to take a snapshot of my daily life on the 19th of each month.  Why the 19th? Well it's as good a date as any other date and it will be interesting to see how I spend my birthday year. (Ha ha that's supposing that this venture lasts longer than a year!)

So 19 April 2015 was a Sunday and also school holidays.  While other schools start back on April 20 I am still looking at another week of school holidays.

I woke up at 6:20 & read my latest ebook that I have out from the library. (That's definitely something that has changed since 2009)
 Important part of my day is the weather.
 Scott brought me breakfast in bed.  A coffee & croissants with smoked salmon and cream cheese.
Checked out my newest app, that I absolutely love!
Changed the sheets on the bed.  This is one of the pillowcases I got from mum.  We cleaned out her wardrobe (once she had died) & there in a box still all wrapped up from her wedding day, unused, were these beautifully embroided pillowcases.  It made me think that there is no "best" time to use things. Yes I have "best" stuff to be used when guests are around but what is the point if you die and they never see the light of day? So I gladly use these pillowcases after all that is what they were for, to be used.
Sunday is always the day when I update my calendar on my phone, my paper diary and this magnetic calendar with what is happening this week.  The magnetic calendar I update with part of the next month so I have 4 weeks worth of events in front of me.

Of course there is always laundry to do.  Yesterday was a good drying day so I washed the sheets that had come off the beds.
Time to do a bit of quick ingressing for the day as well as a quick check on that weather.

The My Food Bag delivery arrived so that was unpacked & put away.

At about 5 o'clock I go and check what the recipe is that I am making for dinner & start the prep and get everything laid out ready to cook.
Tonight's dinner, what it is supposed to look like & how mine did.  We had no coriander so went without.
After dinner, I sat down & created the layout of Highlands & then worked out what year to tackle next.  I'm thinking I might do 2012 next, so I started researching what information I had for the week 15-21 April 2012.

All day everyday I wear a Polar Loop that registers how many hours I sleep, how many steps I do.  This was the activity for the day.

Another layout completed

This layout is also for Easter 2014.  It will be sitting in my 2014 Project Life scrapbook in it's full sized pager proctector.  I liked that it was taking scrapping back out of the pockets and putting it back on to 12x12 cardstock.  I've decided to use up as much of my old supplies as possible so this layout uses old Club Scrap cardstock (I think it was called Desert Beauty or something).  It was a layout that I had already made the base of, so I just needed to add my photos and journalling & the simple embellishment.  Funnily enough the journalling isn't about the racing it's about what happened to James' lunch:

On Easter Sunday we went to watch motor racing at Highlands in Cromwell. Unfortunately James didn't totally enjoy the experience because he threw his lunch away, twice!  His first lunch was sushi but a wasp came and sat on it when he opened the lid, that lunch was thrown on the ground with quite a yell.  Second time round he got a hot dog and a wasp came at him again.  This time the wrapper was thrown to the ground and James found somewhere else to eat it.

That is my week 15-21 April 2014 all documented.  I can now backup those photos & delete them from my hard drive.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I've done a couple of layouts

Pocket scrapbooking has always appealed to me as a quick way to get photos scrapped without having to spend time worrying too much about the details.  Even with this quick method of scrapping I never had the inclination or time to do any.  Lately I have been so busy being a taxi service for the boys, mainly James for his sports, that really I haven't had much time to myself.  I remember when I used to be able to sit down and scrap on a Saturday afternoon but those days have long gone.  I did however get to do just that yesterday afternoon & although my mojo isn't totally back it was just nice to get some photos printed, quick notes for the photos and call it done.  I decided to start by doing this time last year, so the following layouts are about this time last year, which was Easter time and we went down to Wanaka for some plane and car spotting.

 The above layout is a quick overview of what we saw and did during the week of 16th - 22nd April 2014.  We drove down to Wanaka on the 16th with our obligatory stop at Reflections at Lake Tekapo for lunch.  On the 18th we went down to the lake and watched a fly over by 6 biplanes.  On the 19th we were away pretty early, 9:15 by the car clock, yet we got into a long line of traffic heading towards the airshow.  On the 20th we went to Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell to watch the Festival of Speed racing.  On the 21st we went back home and as usual I had to have my photo of Aoraki Mt Cook, which was looking stunning that day.

Obviously there were more photos than those taken especially at the Warbirds over Wanaka and at the Festival of Speed.  I chose my best warbirds photos to put into another quick layout of their own.  There is the RNZAF NH90, the Hercules doing it's flare drop, the Anson and a few Harvards.  Not much journalling and no embellishments but it gets the photos scrapped and now I can delete them off my hard drive after backing them up to both the dvd and external hard drive.

Scarey movies

Blog Prompt: August 13 is Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday. In honor of his birthday, name the movie(s) that scare you the most.

I really don't like horror movies & have never watched a Hitchcock movie. A movie that has had a profound affect on me was The Fly. OMG watching that man turn into a fly just was too yucky for words & ever since I have a real aversion to flies.

Wow it's been such a long time

It's been such a long time that I have posted on this blog that I came back to find a big fat advert had taken over it.  What it did make me do is go back & start printing of the last 200 odd blog entries in case my blog should happen to disappear one day.  If anyone else has an advert like this taking over their blog take a look at the widgets on your sidebar.  I had a stat counter by neoworx as my stat counter & funnily enough it was a neoworx ad.
All I had to do was go into the blogger dashboard choose Layout & then look at my gadgets & remove the stat counter.

I hope that small piece of information helps someone else who has this problem.