Sunday, April 19, 2009

Honesty Pays!

James found $50 in the supermarket on Sunday. He carried it around the supermarket & then just as Scott was about to leave he reminded him about the $50 he found. They took it up to the office & James was told if no one claimed it, it would be his. He came home very excited about it all. I secretly thought there was no way that he would get it back. Well you can imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from the supermarket on Thursday around lunch time to be told that the $50 hadn't been claimed. After school I took James down to the supermarket where he was given the $50.
The funny thing is I really don't think he has grasped the concept of how big an amount of money it is.

Wednesday 25 March

The trees are starting to do the autumnal change. This particular tree is one of the first to loose it's leaves.

Tuesday 24th March

I think it is time to take some photos of what is happening in the garden. Things are starting to change season around here.

We have a lot of these Japanese Anemones growing around our property.

Monday = Fencing

Monday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 you will find Brent all dressed up & doing fencing. This is his first year doing it & he really seems to enjoy it. He's the boy on the left of this photo.

Stampin' Up Goodness - Sunday 21 March

Very exciting times are coming up. My box of new catalogues arrived.

Saturday = Tennis

All this term the boys have been doing tennis as their Saturday sport. We go down to the Te Kura tennis club at 9:15 for the hour long tennis lesson. Brent has got quite good at it but James prefers to have the ball hit directly to him. I find that a bit strange given how much running around he usually likes to do.

Monday, April 06, 2009

You're getting Old

Scott has heard that several times lately. The most recent occasion was when he went to the optometrist for an eyesight check. He's been having headaches at work & as his job is sitting in front of a computer screen all day the doctor suggested that maybe his eyes were getting old & needed to be checked out. Sure enough Scott's eyes are getting old & he is getting long sighted & has an astigmatism, so he needs glasses.

The glasses arrived on Friday 20 March. I think they look quite good on him.