Monday, August 16, 2010

Robocup – Sunday 15 August

Meet Michaelbot!


This robot was created by Brent & two of his friends in robotics.  Brent is new to robotics & only took it up this year at school.  So far he hasn’t seemed greatly interested in it but I think yesterday may have sparked him a bit, thanks to the Robocup.  His team put this robot in the dance competition.  It would seem that the criteria for this competition is to build a robot or two (or more, more points are awarded to having more than 1 robot on the dance floor) & get it to move or dance inside a 1.8m square to music.  The actual design does not have to look at all humanoid, it could be made to look like a train, cats, a lion whatever the imagination can up with.


Brent’s robot was rather humanoid like & it was supposed to dance to Thriller by Michael Jackson.  It had a pretend microphone in its hand & was supposed to move it arms up & down while moving across the dance floor.  Unfortunately the first two attempts the poor robot fell on to it’s face & then on the last attempt it did stand upright & its arms moved up & down but it didn’t move around the dance floor.


I don’t think Brent was too disappointed but he was really interested in the other robots in the dance competition.  He is now worried that Christ’s College & St. Andrew’s don’t do robotics so he really doesn’t want to go to those secondary schools thanks very much.  However he is happy to know that Burnside high does & what’s even better is that we are in the zone for it & it is just down the road. 

Personally I think we’ll see what we can find in Singapore, maybe we can find a bargain on a Lego robot down Orchard Road.