Monday, July 28, 2008

A New Venture

I have decided to enter into a new venture. I am now a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I signed up on Friday & tonight I received my demonstrator number. I am quite excited about it, it will mean I will have to rearrange my craft room somewhat but hopefully any workshops can be held in the dining room or lounge.

That's the news from here, & now I had better go & pack the boys lunches.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Drizzly Sunday

It's terrible weather here & the boys are starting to get that cooped up feeling. There was no football yesterday because the grounds had been closed by the City Council on Thursday. It has just been raining nearly all week. I don't remember such a wet winter I want to get back to the bitterly cold frosts but blue sunny skies after. This gloomy stuff is just depressing.

Also depressing is the All Black loss last night. My goodness what a horrible game to watch & it just makes me think that the NZRFU really did choose the wrong man for the job. Of course I am talking as a One Eyed Cantabrian & I originally thought Robbie should have been the coach of the All Blacks. I felt very torn, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the Wallibies won. I think Graham Henry has already given us his excuse for this loss. Earlier this week I was dumbfounded when I heard him say that Robbie had the better hand because he had worked with the new ELV laws under the Super 14 competition. He then went on to say that with injuries to some of our players we really had an inexperienced team. I can't believe that any coach trots out excuses before the game is even played, to me it sounds defeatist & I suppose if you are thinking negatively you will perform negatively. Yes we had an inexperienced team out there but why do we have to offer that as an excuse even before the game is played.

So while that game was on TV I decided to scrap a digi layout. I find it easier to scrap a digi layout in front of TV than a paper one.

This is the boys cross country. Journalling reads: A cold day at Fendalton Park. James was first to run & he came in 8th. brent ran next & came in 24th. Both boys looked like they could have run another lap.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The boys & I tried to go geocaching last Thursday. It was pretty unproductive in terms of caches found but I think we know where at least 4 are. We were trying to find the caches that are around the Botannic Gardens but on that day there were lots of muggles around so we left having discovered no caches. What we did discover was these beautiful purple crocuses in flower under some of the trees by the river.Journalling: A walk in the Botannic Gardens to do some geocaching, ended up being a photography session instead, when I spied these lovely crocus flowers under one of the trees. A nice reminder that spring will come.

The layout is a digital one using the Body & Soul kit from Club Scrap Digital.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The View

I have finished another layout this afternoon. This one uses some old photos from when we lived in Newlands, Wellington. I loved having a view but in Wellington being on a hill exposes you to wind. If it was northerly the wind blew against our bedroom wall, keeping me awake, if it was southerly it was coming up at the living room windows, from where I took the photos. It was never very warm & I have decided that it is warmer than Christchurch in winter but it is warmer in summer here in Christchurch. Journalling:

Being on a hill in Wellington meant it was nearly always windy. The best thing about it though was the view! We had a view over Newlands that was constantly changing. We could see the fire station which was always exciting when the fire alarm went off. There were always cars going along Newlands Road that we could watch. The best sights though were always courtesy of Mother Nature. The sun rising over the hills, rainbows & even sun shining through low fog. I miss the view but I don't miss the wind!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Find Your Balance

Another day another layout.

This is James when he was in his cruising mode.


From 8 months you were pulling up & cruising furniture. Getting into mischief & finding your balance.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When the mice are away..

the Kat will play.
Yes the boys are enjoying a couple of days up at mum's. Scott & I dropped them off there on Sunday night & I am expecting them back in about an hour. I have done a fair amount of scrapbooking while they were away. I also went through & counted up how many layouts I had done on Sunday, so far this year I have done 80. My goodness I can't believe I have done that many. I think trying to do a paper & a digi layout a week has definitely helped push that total up. At the start of the year I was going to be happy to get a layout a week done but I have already passed that total.
So here is the digital layout that I created last night. It uses a quick page from Club Scrap digital & the font is Passions Conflict.

The journalling:

500kg of ice sitting on the hot deck waiting to become an ice sculpture. This Filipino ice carver is the only one on the ship & all the ice sculptures that were in the buffet area were carved by him. The end result is a sculpture of two angel fish.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More layouts

This is a paper layout for Brent's album about his day at Australia Zoo.

These photos are taken by the boys themselves. I just love emptying the chip in their camera because it is always surprising what is on there. This is a digi layout using items from Shauna Burke- Smith, Lisa Minor & Vicki Parker.

This is a Christmas layout for James' album.

This is a paper layout for the family album. Photos are from February this year.

This layout was created for an e-zine put out by Scrapbook Outlet. Here's a link to the ezine & my layout is on page 4 & 5.