Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Childhood Sounds

Blog Prompt: Describe a 'sound' from your childhood. What was it? When did you hear it? What does it bring to mind?

The main sound I remember from my childhood would be music. The radio was always on & then when ever we travelled anywhere there would be music playing, either the radio on short trips or on longer trips there was country music cassettes.

Another sound would be the lapping of the waves against the beach & the ting ting of the rigging blowing in the nor west wind when we were at our bach at Church Bay. I loved that sound, especially the lapping waves as it would just lull me to sleep.


Mel said...

Great memory. I remember the sound of the cricket commentary on the radio as day cut the hedge in the summer. It was always hissy, not clear. Especially if it was an international broadcast. Not like technology today - we expect perfection!

loonyhiker said...

I think it would be so cool to listen to waves while you are falling asleep. As for music, I have to have it on in the car when I drive or I feel anxious. If the TV isn't on, I have to hear music.