Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saturday 25 August

While Brent was playing his second last soccer game I took James out shopping. For brief moments I was allowed to hold his hand, but it didn't last long. I miss that wee guy putting his hand into mine. He is growing up very quickly & it seems to be just the little things, like holding his hand that reminds me of it.
Brent was in a round robin tournament with the other 3 bottom places teams. They played 10 minute games & did quite well with a draw & 2 close losses.


Hannah said...

Awww, I am going to miss this too!! I love it when my boys hold my hand. When Tler, who is almost 3, holds my hand he will hold both his and my hands up against his cheek! It's soooo sweet. But unfortunately he doesn't hold my hand much ... only when he "has" to (on roads, driveways, carparks, etc) and the rest of the time he prefers to run!

I think it's great that you made a card to document how you feel about this.

Amy said...

Great card, I know that feeling all too well.