Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tv Programming

On the fifth day of December I watched Dr Phil then wished that it wasn't yet another repeat.

I like to watch Dr Phil while I eat my lunch. I get a bit annoyed though when it is repeats. It's not going to be on much longer anyway because when the schools go on holiday they fill the time slot with kids movies. They could at least show new shows until they take it off the air. By the way it was a boring show about Sugar Daddies & Urban Cougars. I hope today's show will be a new one.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Food Confession

On the fourth day of December it occurred to me that I shouldn't have eaten potato crisps yesterday because I had been so good exercise wise why blow it like that?

I suppose I could blame it on my jog yesterday, I went faster than ever before so I thought I deserved it, but really why did I deserve to put such salty food into my body? I had a picnic lunch with the boys at school & that included chicken drumsticks, potato salad, hard boiled eggs, bananas & tomoatoes so why did I then eat potato crisps after dinner? I should have treated myself to something healthy but I admit it I am a potato crisp fiend. I love them & if I am sitting watching TV for 3 hours, icing my knee (yes all that exercise came back to hurt my knee) what else is there to do to treat myself but eat potato crisps. I think most of the programmes I watch on a Tuesday night finish in a couple of weeks so maybe in a couple of weeks I won't be sitting watching TV for 3 hours straight eating potato crisps. HA maybe I should just enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Love my iPod!

Can I just shout to the world that I love my iPod Shuffle!

Scott bought me this tiny peice of equipment last week for Christmas. It is just amazing to be able to jog with music in my ears. As a lot of you know I have a dodgy knee & jogging is usually quite uncomfortable. Today I tried out my iPod for the first time & I just love it! I was jogging with a smile on my face! I don't know if I have ever jogged with a smile on my face, let's face it my body isn't the right build for jogging, there are too many bouncy bits. Not only was I enjoying jogging but I jogged faster than normal, maybe because I was running in time to all my favourite 80s music. Another benefit is that I didn't think at all during the jog, I finally just turned my brain off for a good 26 minutes & just enjoyed moving to music.

Here's to music in my ears & a smile on my face when I am jogging!