Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday 24 August

Putiputi is a Maori craft of making flowers out of flax leaves.

That link shows you how to do it.

I didn't make this putiputi, Brent did. Brent's topic this term has been Maori & as well as learning a haka he got to make some putiputi. I went along on Friday afternoon to take a look at what the boys were learning to do. There was a fearsome haka & then the boys split into 2 groups & did a haka to each other. One group had also learnt how to do a poi dance so we got shown that. Then imagine my surprise when I got asked to go up & do a poi dance with Brent & the other group of boys. I have swung pois long ago but it really was a very long time ago. It was actually quite fun. I think the best thing though was turning up to watch & seeing Brent's surprised expression on his face. Unfortunately not many parents came to watch mainly because we got a notice home on Thursday night saying it was on the next day. Thursday night was a rush because of the music evening so it was a bit sad we didn't get more notice. The boys looked as though they had had a fun day though. Something nice & light after the late night the night before.

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