Sunday, August 19, 2007


It has been a nice relaxing weekend. In the end I didn't go clothes shopping on Friday because really it was cold & grey, not at all conducive to buying clothes to wear in the tropics.

Saturday morning I was able to sit with a cup of coffee & complete a whole Sudoku puzzle before having to head off to soccer. James' team only had 5 players this week & was up against a team of 6. All season we have had too many players & have been subbing our boys off & on so that both teams have even numbers. It would appear that when the shoe is on the other foot the other teams don't sub off & on. Maybe next season we can play all our games with 9 members in the team & too bad about the other teams. James team lost but only by 3-0.
Brent's team was playing a team that beat them 10-0 last round. This time they only got beaten 3-0. Brent got player of the day for saving two stinging attacks on goal despite not being in goal.

Today I decided that I would bring some daphne inside my craft room. I just love the scent of daphne. I did a bit of laundry & then spent some time tidying up my craft room & nearly finishing off a father's day project.

It's going to be a busy week coming up. Monday & Tuesday the boys need to be at school early to practice for their music evening. Thursday is the music evening & we have R & P coming up to stay with us & to watch the boys. Saturday Brent has a round robin soccer tournament & James has a party to go to. Sunday R & P head back home & Scott will be packing for his week long stay in Wellington.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Tink said...

Wow. That does sound like a busy week. Hope you don't wear yourself down.

bahama97 said...

That does sound like a busy week! The boys' schedule does keep you on your toes. WTG with the Sodoku puzzle...they are so tough to me!