Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday 15 August

No this isn't me but I did go swimming today & really enjoyed it. I decided to go out to QE2 & use the big 50 metre pool. Unfortunately they had it walled across halfway so each length was only 25 metres. The pool was wonderful, being an olympic level pool it was deep with 8 lanes. Only 2 were kept aside for aquajogging but the rest was only for lane swimming. the water was a bit too warm for my liking but it was beautifully clean. I had the whole lane to myself until about the last 100 metres of my swim. Today I swam over 750metres freestyle non stop. I can almost make it to 1km I think. I swam 35 laps so only another 5 to go & I would be up to 1 km non stop freestyle. I then switched it up a bit & swam another kilometre in a mixture of breast, back, free, free pull & free legs only. So today I swam 2kms. This is the first day since being married that I have actually swum 2kms. I managed to do it in an hour so I was stoked. I just loved it so much I will be doing my swimming there from now on. Too bad about the extra petrol & the lack of housework that gets done because it is such a distance away.

In other news Scott & I paid for our cruise a while ago & got our cruise number. This morning we went into the website & reserved all our shore activities. Unfortunately the afternoon sunset lagoon cruise on 19 October was already booked out but we are on the waiting list. We will be in the Marquesas then so if we can't get on the cruise for my birthday dinner we will just have to have a nice meal on board ship, & my guess is that that will be quite easy to do. I will post an itinery of each day at a later time, but at this stage I can tell you that we are doing a dolphin encounter, a whale & dolphin watching trip, 2 snorkelling adventures, visiting a pearl farm, going to a private island with refreshments provided (on the 19th, I remember that one, funny that!), a glass botoom boat trip & of course general sight seeing at each port of call. I am getting very excited & Scott is so excited he has already had his first tanning clinic visit! I should probably pull finger & find out where is local that I can go & have some too.

PS: That princess website has bridge cam on the Tahitian Princess. Us Southern Hemisphere dwellers have to remember to look during our daylight hours (not at 7pm) to see what the camera is seeing. Yesterday she was in port at Papeete & right now she is on her way to Raro. How exciting it is less than 2 months now until we get on board!


Hannah said...

Katrina, I have to say you are very inspiring! I love swimming but you are so dedicated and GOOD! I find it so relaxing. Need to get more time for it, I think.

And I'm totally Green Jelly over your cruise!! OMG! Rob and I really want to do one of them. We need to start saving now so we're not old and decaying when we finally get the money, LOL! You must be so excited about yours!! It sounds awesome!

bahama97 said...

Wow! Your cruise sounds absolutely amazing! Is it just you & Scott?

Congrats on your swimming! That is a great accomplishment!

Jenny said...

Well done Katrina! I really hate getting my face and hair wet so I admire you for swimming freestyle