Sunday, May 11, 2008

LO: Beach BBQ

Last year for our Christmas celebration with dad we went to Corsair Bay for a picnic dinner at the beach. We were very lucky with the weather & it was a lovely sultry afternoon & evening.

The layout uses a kit from Club Scrap digital. The sun like brads come from Lisa Minor.

The journalling reads:

To celebrate Christmas with Grandad we all went to a BBQ at Corsair Bay. It was a wonderful warm afternoon & evening spent at the beach playing in the water & the sand.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Winning Day layout

This layout was completed at ScrapCamp. It is about the day last year when Brent's team won the soccer game & Brent got awarded "Player of the Day".

The journalling reads:

14 July 2007

What a day!

You were playing Celtic & it was the only game you won all season. Not only did your team win but you won player of the day!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Blog Prompt: On May 7, 1660, Isaack B. Fubine of Savoy, in The Hague, patents macaroni. What is your favorite macaroni dish?

Mum used to make us macaroni cheese a lot when we were young, somehow it seemed to be so often that I started to hate it. I am really not sure if it was all that often but it just seemed like it to me at the time.

Now James just loves macaroni cheese, it has become quite a regular fixture during the winter months on a Sunday for lunch. I still don't like regular macaroni cheese but if tuna gets stirred into that mixture, wow that's a whole different story! I just love my macaroni cheese & tuna!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Blog prompt: May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. How would you celebrate Independence Day if it was today?

Haha! New Zealand doesn't have Independence Day but why I am laughing is that today is the first day that the boys are back at school after a 3 week school holiday.

How am I going to celebrate my independence from the boys for the day?
Firstly I went for a jog. I really didn't do well & found out that I am so unfit that I couldn't even run for 10minutes non stop. Never mind I walked for at least 30minutes & that has to count as exercise.

Next I am going to enjoy the silence of my house. No, I am not going to turn on my music up loud & dance to it, because really I just love the silence at the moment. No moaing, no whining, no "when is it (insert correct food time) time?" questions & no fighting. Have to love that silence!

After this post I am off to enjoy a hot shower with NO interruptions or children talking through the door at me.

I will do minimal housework today, Scott was warned of this fact last night, & instead do some scrapping or sitting in the sun & reading a book.

That is how I am going to celebrate this day, my first day with the boys back at school. My first day of independence.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


This layout was done at ScrapCamp using paper from Club Scrap. Swimming like a stingray refers to the swimming class he was in at the time (Stingray).

This layout, also made at ScrapCamp uses a kit from This is Brent with his great granny, who we all knew as Granny.

This last layout was created using a Club Scrap digital kit & using a sketch provided for the Pro Scrapbooking League competition.

The journalling reads:

Your 8th birthday
It was a hot Tuesday.
We had had the school prizegiving in the morning & then we all went to lunch at Sevanti.
We invited granddad, aunty Jo, Amy & Andrew to have afternoon tea with us.
We had presents, mum & dad gave you a camera.
The small photos of Phyllis, nana & granddad are some of the photos you took.
Then it was cake time.
Looking at the photos now I can see you only had 6 candles but you didn't seem to notice on the day.

Back again

Wow I haven't blogged for a whole month! April seemed to rush past in a blink of an eye.

Here's a quick update about what happened in April.

April 1-11 the boys were at school. They are still on holiday as I type this & I am really looking forward to them going back to school on Tuesday. I managed to catch a UTI which quickly moved into my kidneys to become a kidney infection. I had to spend an afternoon at the hospital getting iv'd antibiotics & saline into me. I think it was a bit of a shock to all 3 of the males in my house!

April 10 mum started chemo.

April 12 -19 we were on the Gold Coast staying with Dad & Janet. We got a ride on the boat & went to Dreamworld for a day. The boys did some fishing off the jetty but only Scott caught a fish which we threw back. James did get something on his line though, but we don't know what because he didn't wind his line in.

April 24 -27 I was at for my yearly scrap camp. I loved every moment of it & it is the one scrapbooking event that I look forward to each year & try to give Scott as much notice of it as possible so he can take a day off work. I completed a few layouts (I've scanned a couple so I will put them in another post) & also a birthday calendar book.

On the Monday mum took the boys & had them for Monday through to Wednesday, which was nice as it gave me a chance to really recover from all the triping about on top of the infection that I had.

Thursday mum had iv chemo again & this time she had a bit more of a reaction. She suddenly felt dizzy & was really feeling the cold so after we picked her up we stayed with her until her sister arrived. We went up again on Friday with a crockpot full of chicken to have dinner with her. I think the episode rather scared her so I really hope that she is starting to feel better today.

Soccer (sorry football for those in any country other than the USA) was cancelled on Saturday. We were very thankful because it was bitterly cold & there was snow on the Cashmere hills. Luckily there was none at our place.

Well I think that catches everyone up on what we did in April. Hopefully I'll become a more regular blogger again once the boys get back to school.