Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Do I mind?

I am feeling very disappointed & sad at the moment. The light that I saw at the end of the tunnel was actually a train going in reverse!

Earlier this morning I received a phone call from Medbury School.
Mrs Criglington I was going through the paper work & I notice we have erraneously sent you a letter stating that we would accept James to start in Term 3. Unfortunately we cannot take him in Term 3 so I hope you don't mind if we accept him in Term 4.

Do I mind? To be pc I should say no I don't mind, what's another 10 weeks to me?. Truthfully, I mind!

I had planned how I was going to incorporate exercise into my morning as well as doing an hour of housework & then an extra 15 minutes of either baking or more housework. I was then going to spend the rest of my time scrapping.
I was so excited that finally I was going to have a bit of a longer time to myself in a block. I put off making a dentist's appointment thinking I can do it next term one morning rather than having to make it a rush job between dropping kids off & picking James back up. I was delaying a trip to the doctors for a flu jab for the same reason. Now what do I do? Do I wait another term or shall I try & fit it in. We all know how these particular trips can always be longer than you think thay would take.

Yes I mind! Who has to tell an excited little boy that he is not going to school next term after all? How do you tell him that without breaking his heart? We had even bought part of his uniform already in preparation for his starting. It means that we have been buying winter uniform stuff when in actual fact he will be starting in summer uniform. We have Phyllis taking in the shorts now (there's no rush for them now thankyou Phyllis). Whenever we go to the school he goes & has a look in the window of what is going to be his classroom.

Yes I mind! I will mind James until October & keep in mind that I have to prepare him for school & try to have him at least write his name by the time he starts. I will snuggle up & read to him on Wednesday afternoons. We will run the errands together & get a cup of coffee & something for him to eat on Friday afternoons. I will keep in mind that I have to enjoy these few weeks of James & me time because before long he will be at school. He has to go there one day.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Brent's Effort Card

This must have arrived on Thursday night but we only found it today while sorting through Brent's prep folder.

What a fantastic effort you've put in Brent!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thanks NZ Police!

Look what arrived in the mail today. Yes we are very annoyed that we got ticketed doing 119km/h while completing a passing manouevre on the way to Wanaka but let's try & see the positive side.

We are now the proud owners of a priceless photo. Who else would be able to take such a beautifully clear photo of our car & us in it in such a picturesgue area. So for that I would like to thank the NZ Police. I can't believe that they actually got us with our indicator going, so we are usually very law abiding citizens & indicate where we are going not like a lot of other motorists we saw that day. Speaking of which it was a busy day on that road, why else would we have past 7 cops on the way down to Wanaka. Which brings me to the question is it better sit behind a car that does 95 km/h on the open flat stretches & then brakes for every bend & get frustrated or is it better to pass them?

Yes I am annoyed but it seems to me that obviously when driving you are only allowed to go past a car that is driving at like 70km/h on the open road. How else are you going to get past it without breaking the 100km/h speed limit? Oh sorry you can pass a car going 95km/h as long as you can sit on the other side of the road for like the 5 minutes it would take to pass it & not break the speed limit.

So where exactly do you think this photo is going? That's right I want to scrapbook it but what I would really like to do is to have a NZ Police officer tell me how to pass a car travelling at 95km/h without breaking the speed limit while staying on the other side of the road for as shorter time as possible. If anyone out there can answer that question please reply here so that I can scrapbook it for my son's as "How to Safely pass a car going 95km/h without breaking the speed limit".

Oh the by the way for those who think they know the road to Wanaka take a guess where we were.

Thanks once again NZ Police for the priceless photo & also to the NZ taxpayer for paying to have such state of the art equipment that can take such awesome photos.