Friday, August 10, 2007

Earth Worms

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I've just been out in my vege garden digging it over in preparation for some new soil & then some compost. The interesting thing I saw out there were worms. Last time I was digging in a part of the garden where it has been dug over a lot & the soil was nice & loose. Today I was in the section where my rhubarb & strawberry plants have been. Because I don't lift my strawberry plants usually the area never really gets a good dig over. In the nice loose half I saw no worms & I was beginning to be a bit worried because really it is good to have worms in your garden. Down in the other section of the graden the dirt was quite clumped together & that is where I found all my earthworms. I am so pleased that I have at least a few of them in the garden. I thought that worms would live in the nice easy to burrow through soil but no, in my garden they are to be found in the big clods of earth that never really get turned over.

Now because you have heard me talk about that garden so much I had better show you the state of the vege garden at the moment.

It's pretty empty. That spot of green in the top left corner of the garden is the parsley plant. The black sticks that stick out are the watering system. There is a clump in the lower left corner & that is my huge rhubarb crown.Because you can't see it on the other photo along the left side heading towards the parsley is my garlic. I planted about 14 cloves around the shortest day & so far 11 have come up so I think that is pretty good odds. If they all mature that should last us most of the next year for cooking.


Hannah said...

I'm so impressed with your garden! Yes, it looks empty right now but you know it isn't! I really wish I had the time and energy and motivation to get a good veggie garden going. At the moment we are growing silverbeet and mint. That's all!! And a lot of fruit trees, but that's not really gardening! ;-)

so A"MUSE"D said...

What a cool photo Katrina... love your worms.

bahama97 said...

You have a marvelous garden area! Does having it up like that help keep the weeds out?