Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A month already?

Wow, I can't believe that it is almost a month since I last posted. Where has the time gone? The school has been keeping us very busy.

It started off with grandparent's day at Medbury on 27 October. We were very lucky to have Robin & Phyllis come up for it. A bit of a flying visit for them but the boys thoroughly appreciated it. James' teacher took a photo of him with nana & then another one of him with Robin & Phyllis & these photos have since come home all laminated for the grandparents to keep. Must remember to give it to Robin & Phyllis when they are here next (only 2 weeks away).

The boys have brought home their effort cards for the term. Brent just keeps on bringing home the blue. This time every possible square that could be blue was blue. James has also started out in style with no yellows & a lot of green sprinkled with a blue or two. The boys are fantastic little workers at school, long may it last & I hope one day it will carry over to James' homework too.

We have also had a church service & the athletic sports. The boys tried their best & enjoyed their races. Scott went in the father's race & felt that some of the men that said they were over 50 looked a lot younger than him! Never mind in a few years he'll be allowed a step closer to the front.

It was Show week last week so the boys finished at 12 noon on Wednesday. I took them for a bike ride along the stop banks of the Waimak river on Thursday & then on Friday we went to the show. We got there around 9am & stayed until about midday when it started to rain. Luckily we had seen all we wanted to by then so we didn't miss out on anything. All the walking & excitement must have tired out James as he was very willing to have a rest after lunch. We went to mum's for dinner & she looked after the boys on Saturday & returned them on Sunday afternoon in time for James' party that he was invited to.

This week is junior school swim week at Jellie Park so the boys are probably swimming now as I type. Brent will be doing a double dose today as he has his swim lesson at 4pm this afternoon.The boys are practising carols for the carol service on December 3rd. James is going to be dressed up as a villager but we aren't sure what Brent is yet. Christmas is rolling around all too quickly & I still feel very unorganised for it. Better go & pick up the boys. Have a great week everyone.