Thursday, July 19, 2007

Useless Trivia

Share a piece of useless/interesting information with the rest of us today.

Here's a peice of trivia that might be relevant to us Southern Hemisphere people at the moment. Studies have found that Vitamin C is not likely to keep away the common cold, or even lessen the severity of the cold. Apparently the thought that vitamin C was great for curing colds has actually been under dispute for 60 years. So maybe the old wives tales of lemon juice being good for colds is just a tale.


Rusheika said...

Maybe it is all in our mind!

glynis said...

My hubby swears by it, but it could be he just SAYS it works for him :)

Tammy said...

hhhhhmmmmmmm Thats interesting and I was always told to drink my juice or take extra Vitiamin C because it will help keep colds away.