Saturday, July 21, 2007

21 July

Saturday is soccer morning & it was drizzling, like it has been all week. We listened avidly to the cancellations in hopes that the boys games would be cancelled but no such luck. We trooped down to the park & across many muddy fields to James' field. It was alright until the game started & then the wind picked up. It was coming straight from Antartica & it was bitter. James played the whole game in his jacket to keep warm. Then it was off to Brent's game & if we thought James' game was bad, Brent's was worse because not only did the wind pick up even more but it started drizzling. It was horribly cold & not much to enjoy either with his team losing 5-0 at half time. They did pull it back to about 6-2 by the final whistle. Of course it looks like the games after Brent's had been cancelled because the whole soccer fields emptied & even the coffee man had left.
Sometimes it would be nicer to run on the field & kick the ball around myself rather than standing miserably cold on the sidelines.


bahama97 said...

Ugh...hope the next games go better and that you have much better weather. It does sound miserable! **hugs**

Hannah said...

Ugh, that sounds miserable! Ethan is hoping to start soccer soon so we'll have all that to look forward too - I often think when watching the parents standing in the wind and rain that it would be fine to run around and keep warm but the mums and dads and younger siblings must get so cold!!