Monday, July 02, 2007

New Month

A new month has arrived & I can't believe that it is over half way through the year already.

A new month is time for new music. I try to keep a bit of a Kiwi flavour to this blog & I like to have Kiwi music playing. The band I chose this time is Evermore, although my guess is soon they'll be claimed by the Aussies, just like a few other NZ bands have in the past. Here's a link to their own hompage, & no I didn't get to see them play on June 29th.

While searching around for some free Kiwi music to play I happened upon Outrageous Fortune Series Promo 3 on YouTube. I just love this program, it is adult entertainment, so please take note of that before clicking on it. It has bad language, sexual references, violence, drinking & probably every other vice as well.

Of course not all NZ'ers live this way but I enjoy watching it. It is so different from the stuff that we normally see as TV programs. Most of the programs on the Tv are from America.
I think I have bascially got sick & tired of the very watered down, bleeping (if required) programs coming out of the US. I have to say I was quite surprised to watch one episode of The Apprentice when the British guy Sean was on. He had had a bad day & he was going on about how so & so was a wanker. I was surprised that this wasn't bleeped out, maybe the Americans didn't know that it is a very derogatory term. All the other language that was bad had all been bleeped out so this stood out like a sore thumb. Quite funny really.

There is an American program that I love & that is Boston Legal. I keep wondering if anyone in America watches this & what they think of it. I like that Alan Shaw questions the way Denny Crane thinks. As an "alien" to America I love how Alan Shaw's views seem to correspond with how some of the world does see America.

New month, new music & it looks like a new lineup is coming on to the TV screens here too. Yipppee!


bahama97 said...

I've heard of the shows you've mentioned, but never watched them. I'm surprised that dh doesn't watch Boston Legal since Capt. Kirk is on it ;) I really like the new music up on your blog - great choice!

Ruth said...

I love Outrageous Fortune, can't wait for it to come back on telly. Love that Van lol