Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 14

Most of my Saturday mornings are spent walking the sidelines of soccer games. James' game is first up in a shady cold area of the park. His team have a fantastic player, in that he is very good & scores all the goals, not so fantastic in that he is the I in TEAM. He takes the ball all the time. However it does mean that James' team has won nearly every game this season & yesterday was no different.

Brent's team is a different story. There are a couple of good players & the rest have played in at least one other season unlike Brent who is new to soccer this season. His team have lost every game so far until YESTERDAY! They played a fantastic game as a team. Brent was put at back & he had Scott behind the back line coaching the two backs & goalies on their field placement throughout the game. Brent stopped a sure goal & was awarded player of the day. The best thing though was that they finally won a game! You should have seen their faces light up as they came off the field, they were even carrying themselves more proudly & there was more self belief in them. I hope that they can carry on that self belief into the next game & maybe until teh end of the season.

I was thrilled that I happened to have my camera on hand to capture the game, not the 2 goals unfortunately, but I did get a photo of Brent holding his player of the day certificate. Also I was very lucky in that James' team had a team photo so I was able to quickly snap some photos of their team. I haven't been able to do that for Brent's team, but maybe the club will send us the photos anyway.

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