Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday 30 July

The second last card for the month! I can't believe that I will have done this for a month. I am wondering whether to carry on doing it next month or not. People ask what I am going to do with them. Good question, am I just going to have tons of playing card boxes littering my house? I could buy a basket & pop it on the coffee table & then people who want to sit & look could look at them. Is it worth carrying on though? It is like a little snapshot of each day of my life, but would anyone or even myself find it interesting next year for instance? Others keep theirs in baseball pockets in albums, maybe I should do that too especially if i am still creating these when I am on my cruise.

I suppose time will tell if this is my second last card ever or whether I will carry on.


Amy said...

I love your cards, I think they'd be fun to look back on. An artistic diary.

bahama97 said...

I enjoy looking at them. For some reason, I thought they were digital. I think they'll be neat to look back on. I did "A Month of Me" mini album with snippets from each day. I enjoy that album. KInd of fun to look back.