Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's Roles

How many different 'hats' will you wear today? Will you be mom, grandma, employee, employer..etc. How do you balance all of it?

Home Engineer: I'm the one who will be doing the laundry, making the dinner & cleaning the bathrooms as usual everyday.

Mother: Always playing this role, making breakfast, driving the boys to & from school, helping with homework etc

Wife: Another role that is an everyday role. Just little things today but hopefully they make his life easier.

Volunteer: I helped out at school today with their Perceptual Motor Programme for year 1 & 2 boys.

Jogger: Yes, I have just come in from my jog. I managed to run for 25 minuted non stop today, I'm getting better at it.

Scrapbooker: This afternoon I plan to do a little scrapbooking.

Blogger: That's me now.

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Hannah said...

Great question!!

My roles for today: Editor, Mum, Wife, Chef, Scrapbooker, Friend, Web Surfer, Invalid (I'm still sick!) ...