Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Future Discovery

Today's blog prompt comes from

What future discovery do you eagerly await? Why?

There are so many diseases out there that don't seem to have a known cure, or if they do they are too complex & have too many unknowns about them that are not allowed to try. The ones that quickly come to my mind is cancer, AIDS, alzheimers, diabetes & parkinson's. In some of these cases there could well be a cure but the whole question of using animal matter inside a human is just too scarey a proposition for people to accept.

I hope the next discovery will be the way to cure these diseases without having to resort to animal or stem cell transplants. There must be a way to get around the whole issue. Why can't what is in those things be put in drug form & given to people.

It seems odd to me that technology is advancing so quickly from computers the size of buildings in the 1950's to the tiny computers we have today. Why hasn't medical research advanced quite as fast. Is there really no money to be made in it? Or does the world not have the same number of medical geniuses as we do technological geniuses? I suppose it boils down to the fact that a human body is a very complex peice of equipment, & eventually we all have to die of something.


glynis said...

It takes so long to isolate causes of these amazing medicine is. Great answer to the question!

loonyhiker said...

I know that technology seems slow but for me to see how far we've come in my lifetime gives me hope. I truly believe that more miracles are in store for us in the future. By the way, glad you are back. We've missed you!