Friday, July 20, 2007

Reading Habits

Well would you look at that I have had over 1000 unique IP addresses look at my blog! Woohoo!

On to today's blog prompt from
How many books do you have started, but not finished? Or do you only read one book at a time?

I only read one book at a time & at the moment I am reading some second hand books from my aunt. She had a lot of Danielle Steel so I am reading "Lightning" at the moment. It is about a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully I'm reading this book now & not a couple of months ago or I really mightn't have slept well. I always read a chapter a night before turning off my light. I can't seem to unwind & go to sleep if I don't read. Sometimes even 1 chapter isn't enough to do it, so it draws out to 2 or 3 chapters. During "my holidays", those are ones when it is just Scott & me & no kids, I usually read through the day too, because I love it so much.

Now magazines are a totally different story. I have one scrapping magazine in the car, one by my bed & then a non scrapping magazine to curl up & read in the sunshine. So I presently have 3 magazines on the go.

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bahama97 said...

You find the coolest blog goodies...I just got the one about who visits your blog from where. Very cool! I love reading too...I wish I took the time to read more often.