Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18 July

Yes it has been raining a lot today & just when I thought that soccer practice would be cancelled, the rain cleared & soccer pratice was on. This morning I went for a swim & swam 1.5km in 45 minutes, I'm really happy with that plus 750m of it was all freestyle non stop. Came home from that & enjoyed a nice long shower until I cut myself shaving under my arm. Ouch & the blood poured out, that called for a mad dash with just a towel wrapped around me to the kitchen for a band aid. I hope the neighbours can't see over our fence. Then I did manage a bit of vacuuming & housework before it was lunch time & then time to pick the boys back up. A quick change for Brent into soccer gear & then back out to Jellie Park for soccer practice. Then an hour later we were back home, Brent was in the bath & out again before going & picking Scott up from the airport.

It's nice to get back into the routine again, I think my day just flows better when i have a set routine & can stick to it.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go for a jog before coming home to work out next week's menu & have what I call "desk day". Hopefully I'll get my portion of the ScrapTown newsletter written up. I am still trying to work out where to start on that. All the digi stuff I have learnt has been from other websites & I am wondering if I have to put a bibliography just in case I inadvertantly copy something from some other site. I don't want to tread on anyone's toes & not give credit where credit may be due.

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Karen said...

I'm loving these cards that you're heading up your posts with Katrina.