Wednesday, July 11, 2007

11 July

Yes you read that right. I went to see Shrek the 3rd again, this time with Brent. Some of you know how much I hate reading a book twice & I am very much the same with movies or TV programs. It wasn't too bad really I just concentrated on trying to pick up any nuances that I might have missed the first time.

We arrived at the cinema at 8:30 which was a bit early for a 9am show but there was a reason. Harry Potter opened today so I didn't want to get caught in the mad rush of that. Brent & I managed to get in the cinema doors early & then the cinema staff closed the doors. They started vacuuming the floors & filling up the ice containers for the drinks, popping popcorn & getting them selves ready. At 8:45 a whole bevy of the staff come out & said to each other "Are you ready?". They then opened up the booking line & opened up the doors to the cinema. My goodness I have never seen so many young people rush up stairs like that before. We were the very first to buy tickets today but the cashier was very surprised to find out that we only wanted to see Shrek. We got our tickets & of course the popcorn & lemonade & went to sit in the theatre. At 9am there were only 5 people in the theatre to watch Shrek & that is the way it stayed. You have to wonder how much money they make on opening a whole theatre, turning on the heating in there, lighting etc all for only 5 people.

After the movie we went to Nature Discoveries (I just love this shop )& bought a pen for Brent as well as a really good logic game. It's a game that is for one person to play although children may need a hand with the logic of it. There are only 6 peices to the game & 5 of those peices are stored inside the game board. It is small & compact just perfect for travelling in the car. Here's a link to the game we got Brent is just loving this game & Scott was down on the floor helping him earlier tonight. It is a wonderful game so hopefully James will enjoy doing it as well, especially as it has pirate ships on it.


Hannah said...

Hehe! I can understand going to see it again. I always miss some of the funny lines when I'm with the kids. Would be nice to go again - adults only - but no doubt we'll get it on DVD when it comes out, and then I'll get to watch it a million times a day (and get sick of it)!! :-)

Mel said...

Just loving all your art cards - great!

bahama97 said...

Did you see anything curious on the 2nd viewing of Shrek? We watched it & enjoyed the not-so-obvious humor. I think the first is still my favorite.