Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday 29 July

I have nearly done a month of these little cards, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I admit that at times it does get difficult thinking of something to put on them, if nothing really exciting has happened. Thank goodness for quotes at times like that.

Today has been a day of scrapping & card making while watching most of "The Godfather." I feel like I've accomplished a lot today so maybe I should scrap & watch DVD's at the same time in future, I usually just listen to music.

James is getting better & I will be sending him back to school tomorrow, Brent is sounding a bit off but I hope that a good sleep tonight fixes him. I want my house back to myself!

I suppose I should show you the holder I have made for these little cards.

Basically it is just a playing card box that I made up using the July kit. it seems appropriate to stick July cards in a box made of the July kit.

Tomorrow is Monday & another week will be underway - week 31. The year is flying by very quickly. Have a great week everyone.


Carla said...

I've enjoyed all of your little cards - it's a great idea to get inspired and do a little scrappin' every day!!

bahama97 said...

I know what you mean about wanting your house to yourself. I could use a couple days of quiet too :)

I am proud of myself for all my hard work today...did a lot of carpet shampooing & even turned the mattress on the bed.

Glad to hear James is doing better...hope Brent doesn't get it.