Sunday, July 15, 2007

Answering Questions from the last week

I have had a couple of questions asked in the last week so I thought I had better answer them.

Jenny said...
Looks like lots of fun, Katrina. What are you going to do with all your cards and how many are you planning on making?

I had a pack of 52 blank cards & a box sent to me in a Club Scrap kit a long time ago. They had been sitting around so I have decided to alter them. I haven't put the box together yet because I might stamp it & decorate it up. So in the end they will end up being in a playing card box. I have also toyed with thoughts of maybe including a few on a layout or something but at the moment I am just enjoying the simple little sit down each night & create something. It has become a bit of a habit that I quuite like. Just like doing blog prompts was really enjoyable too in the morning. Time to sit back & reflect & think.

bahama97 said...
Did you see anything curious on the 2nd viewing of Shrek? We watched it & enjoyed the not-so-obvious humor. I think the first is still my favorite.

I was actually laughing more the second time I saw it, because of the not so obvious humour. I think I prefer Shrek 1 as well.

Hannah said...
That sounds like a lot of fun! I think Ethan would enjoy it. How do you know where they are in your area? Is there a website you go to? I don't know much about geocaching really ;-)

There is a website that is free thatis where everyone enters all the caches that are hidden around the country. There are 100's hidden around Auckland, this is by no means all of them but here is a few

What you need to do is get a GPS unit. We have a Garmin C60, it's not the top of the line, but not the bottom either. It holds a lot of waypoints (which is the coordinates of all the geocaches) & does the trick for us. Brent, Scott & I love geocaching. James doesn't mind it really but doesn't want to be driving long distances just to go geocaching. Too bad for him today as we are planning to head to Springfield a) to see if the Simpson's movie donut is there yet & b) because we are going to try & find some caches on the way there or back again.

I hope that answered all the questions that have arisen so far this week.

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Hannah said...

Thanks for that info, Katrina, and for posting that website link. I'll look into getting a GPS (or borrowing one, so we can just try it out). I'm sure Ethan would really enjoy it, he loves car rides so that wouldn't bother him, and he's really into learning new things at the moment.