Monday, July 16, 2007

16 July

Woohoo the boys are in bed reading & it is finally the end of the holidays. The boys start their third term tomorrow, & I can't wait to have the house back to myself & Mo. I think Mo is dying for the boys to go back to school too, she hasn't been able to stay inside at all while the boys have been home. I have to say though that I really need a break. The boys have been driving me up the wall & today I just locked them out of the house & told them that as the sun is finally shining they were to play outside all day. They did play outside & surprisingly because I was putting this undue hardship on them they banded together & played very nicely with each other. Dear me, i don't want to have to lock them out every day of every holidays just so they will play nicely with each other.

So tomorrow to celebrate my quiet house I will of course tidy the place up. What a way to celebrate! I have a horrible feeling that I may be having to do PMP tomorrow, it usually is on a Tuesday morning, so just as I have dropped my 2 boys off, I have to go to the school hall & spend 2 hours with 30 other year 1 & 2 boys, oh yeah! I really do hope it is not on tomorrow, it would be nice to just drop the boys off & then come home to a quiet house & have a nice peaceful shower & cup of coffee. Quickly followed by spending some time doing a blog prompt because I have been missing doing those in the morning.

I'll be back tomorrow morning hopefully with an answered blog prompt.


Treighsie said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!!

Hannah said...

It's so much harder in the holidays when the weather is awful - we basically only had 2 or 3 fine days out of the whole fortnight! So the kids were sick of being inside and sick of each other. At least next holidays they'll hopefully be able to play outside more!

Hope you get to enjoy your vacation while the boys are at school! ;-)