Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where in the world would we go?

Blog Prompt: You won the travel lotto! You will get an all expense paid trip for you and your family to 5 places anywhere in the world. List the 5 "Must See" places in the world you would go see.

My dream has come true.
1. Disneyland. This is on our list of places to see & we are planning on going there in 2009 but getting there for free would be fantastic.

2. Disneyworld/Epcot. From what I understand Disneyworld is different to Disneyland & I think it would be really interesting to take the boys to Epcot as well.

3. United Kingdom. Brent especially, is showing an interest in other countries & as our relatives come from various parts of the UK I think the boys would be interested in going there.

4. I think that while we are in that part of the world, a trip around Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany & maybe Russia would be on the list.

5. The last place I think would be going to South Africa & visiting a game park & seeing the big 5.

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