Sunday, May 20, 2007

Family Update

I haven't been blogging for a while simply because I have had a house full of sick people & have been sick myself.

It all started on Thursday 10th when I had both boys at home with sore throats & feeling lethargic. I thought if I kept them at home on Thursday they may have had a chance to go to school on Friday as they were having a visit from Ronald McDonald for road safety.

Unfortunately neither boy was better on Friday so they didn't go to school. We didn't go to swimming lessons or football that weekend but Brent was better on Sunday so he was able to go to a friend's birthday party.

Brent was able to go to school on monday but James had totally lost his voice so he was still home sick.

On tuesday I didn't help out at PMP & took James to the doctor instead. I was second guessing myself by this stage. I thought it was just a cold & that he would get over it, but mum & another Medbury mum had me second guessing. So for $12 I got told that James had had laryngitis but there was nothing we could do but keep him from talking. There was medicine we could give him or anything. What a waste of $12 & how on earth are you supposed to keep a 5 year old child from talking. James even talks to himself. I tried to tell him to talk to himself inside his head but he didn't understand & would keep talking.

By Wednesday I had had enough of James' high energy & obvious lack of sickness except for a lack of voice so I sent him to school. Mrs W was fine with it especially as he wasn't contagious. He still hasn't got his full voice back today but he has enjoyed being back at school. I've been pleased to have him back at school too, so that I can get a chance to recover from the same thing (except I didn't get the laryngitis).

I haven't been doing any exercise this week but really hope to next week. At the moment I am trying to calm myself down about having a mammogram tomorrow morning. As it isn't a routine one I have to have a diagnostic one which means the appointment will be 2 hours long. I am trying to keep in mind what the docotor said & that was breast pain is not normally an indicator of breast cancer, only in advanced cases. This is just to ease our minds, however it has to be said that right now my mind isn't at ease. As I said I haven't done any exercise & i have lost 1 kg of weight, you would think I would be happy but it just makes me more worried that maybe there is something sinister happening to me. I just have to keep calm & take my mind of this by working & scrapping.

Scott is flying up to Wellington for the day again this coming week. I have looked at the calendar & for the 5 weeks of May he will have flown to Wellington on 4 of them, so much for once a month flights to Wellington.

James has PMP on Tuesday so I will be helping at that & then Brent will have football pratice on Wednesday night. Both boys have swimming on Friday night & hopefully football on saturday. Scott flies out to Wellington for a conference in Martinborough on Sunday & won't be back until the following Tuesday night.

All in all another busy week looming. I hope you have a great one.

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Mel said...

So hoew did the mammogram go? I know how you feel as I had to have a breast biopsy earlier this year - -a few stressful days waiting for the results (which were fine)