Monday, May 21, 2007


If you DID want to be famous, what would you like to be famous for doing?

This is a hard prompt. I always thought I wanted to be famous when I was a little girl but I don't have anything that I really excell at to be famous for. I wouldn't want to be famous for making a lot of money which is what I wanted to be famous for when I was younger. I think that would just open me up for all sorts of bad people in my life.

L & P (a drink made in New Zealand) has a wonderful slogan "World famous in New Zealand." I think that I would want to have the slogan "World famous in the Criglington family." I would want to be famous for being the best mother I could be. Of course no one is really famous for that in real life so I would just have to be famous to my children. Really that wouldn't be a bad legacy to leave behind.


glynis said...

That is a GREAT answer to that question...thanks for sharing!

loonyhiker said...

Great thing to be famous for! As mothers we all make mistakes and it is easy to look back and think you would have made a different decision. Your kids probably think you are the greatest mom already!

Jenny said...

I think that that's great thing to be famous for!! Go Katrina - best mother