Friday, May 25, 2007

Best teachers

Blog Prompt: Describe the best teacher you ever had.

This is an interesting prompt.

There are 2 teachers that really stick in my mind & they both taught maths (which I hated) & they were both at my secondary school.

Mrs Andre was my calculus teacher & she really pushed us. I think it was probably that that I appreciated most about her. She wouldn't let us take the easy option of giving up. She would keep going over the subject until we really got it. She was strict but fair, so you always knew when you had crossed the line.

Mrs Jones was my statistics tacher. I really had problems with probability but yet again this teacher was very happy to go over the same thing time & time again until you got it. She didn't seem as strict as Mrs A on the outside, a nice friendly teacher, but there were also lines you couldn't cross with her either. In fact she could yell louder than Mrs A but she didn't do it all that often.

I think both teachers really taught me something else other than maths. They taught me to never give up & not to take the easy route. You have to work hard if you want to succeed. Maybe they were good teachers for me because I wasn't crash hot at maths, that being said I suppose I wouldn't have taken calculus if I was a doofus at it. I was pretty good at English but none of the English teachers made any impact on me, not even the one that was the deputy principal. I absolutely sucked at Physics but that teacher didn't any impact on me either, so it can't have been just because maths was a tough subject for me. It must have boiled down to those two great teachers.


Rachael said...

Excellent life lesson learned!

loonyhiker said...

I think it is interesting that your best teachers were the ones that pushed you to try and they were also the ones that had clear boundaries for behavior.

Karen said...

I absolutely agree Katrina. The best teachers are those that taught life lessons other than their official subject.

carinc said...

Great teacheres make all the difference and patience and perserverence when teaching a student is a really great attribute. I always loved science but I can say chemistry was so dull because the teacher had clearly checked out of teaching altogether. No enthusiasm for his subject at all.

Jenny said...

Go the maths teachers!! Yeah!