Friday, May 04, 2007

Bon appetit

Blog Prompt: You have heard that the President and his wife of an obscure country is coming to visit and picked you (and your family if you want) to have dinner with. You can decide to cook for them or order in or take them out. What 5 dishes would you want them to taste? They can be any part of a meal (appetizers, main dish, vegetables, salads, desserts) or all of one type (all desserts for example).

I think that we would go along the seafood theme for most of our meal & team it up with a nice New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

For appetisers it would be a plate of Bluff oysters, some au natural & some kilpatrick.

Starter would be whitebait patties.

Main would be pasta with seafood. The seafood would be steamed mussels & scallops with some crayfish tail. Around the edge of the plate there will be the legs fo those that want to break into those.

The dessert would be a decorated pavlova.

Last but not least would be coffee, liquers with some Whitestone cheeses.

Bon appetit, Dig in!


Stephani said...

Wow! You even gave us the recipes that is awesome! Thank you. Everything sounds delicious!

loonyhiker said...

What a wonderful dinner! I think I will dress up and pretend to be the wife (the President was detained! lol) and come eat with you!