Monday, May 28, 2007

A view to the future

Blog Prompt: I wish I could see...... because.....

I wish I could see into the future because then I might be able to see what the true consequences of my actions might be. It would be nice to see if I persue course A whether this would have the positive impact I want for my children or whether maybe course B would work better. I am trying to work out how to get James to want to learn to read & therefore want to learn is letters & the sounds they make. At the moment I feel the more I push, the more he pushes back in a negastive way. But what would happen if I sat back & didn't push at all? This is where I would like to be able to look into the future & work out which plan of attack works best.

I have the same kind of problem with Brent & his writing. Am I (& the teacher) expecting too much from him to have neat handwriting & know how to write his letters when only 2 years ago he didn't even know which hand to write with? I do I go about getting him to want to practise his printing so that printing a letter becomes second nature & you don't have to think "how do I draw a B?" I wish I could see into the future & work out a good plan of attack. he has been bringing home printing cards to practise most nights but on top of his hour long homework it is taking a toll & he really is losing all interest. I really don't know what to say because he brought home an effort card this weekend with 2 yellow baxes (needs a lot more effort) for handwriting & work presentation. I believe once we have the handwriting sussed the other will come too but how hard do I have to push? I know it is not easy to learn to print but sometimes I really think he doesn't care. It will be interesting to see if those 2 yellow boxes buck up his attitude or whether he is going to go the other way. It is going to be a testing time for him & maybe this is when I will see what his true colours are.

Oh I wish I could see into the future, it might help solve my parenting dilemmas. Maybe sometime in the future someone will create a computer program that will let us do that, maybe I'll see if Scott wants to work on it in his spare time HAHAHA.

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loonyhiker said...

This was a great answer! If you could see in the future, then you could tell me what would happen in my life too! lol