Monday, April 30, 2007

Supermum, will I ever get there?

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Things i'll never get to....

I am pretty sure there is one thing I will never get to & that is supermum. It all depends on how you define supermum I suppose but in my mind i will never get there.

My definition of supermum is a mother who has all the time in the world for her children, she never loses her patience or her cool. Meanwhile she still manages to have nice healthy home cooked meals laid out on the table every night, a nice clean house with all toys put away so you can actually walk through the whole house at night & not worry about standing on a lose bit of lego or twisting your ankle. She her self looks fit & trim & is always nicely presented.

That's my definition & to me I really don't think that is something I will ever get to.

I am working on having the trim & fit figure but that is a long slow road. I try very hard to have healthy home cooked meals on the table every night but things come unstuck around Thursday when all my patience just seems to fritter out. The patience is the thing that I really have to work on. I do think that since I have had children I have become more patient than I was previously but even so there are times when I just lose my cool & all sorts of stuff flies out of my mouth. I know I should watch that because the boys pick up on it, especially James. I keep dreading the day the teacher will pull me aside & mention that James has been using bad language.

I suppose another reason I wont get to that status is because it seems that by my defintion that woman is very giving & I really think that I am too selfish to give so much. In the midst of everyday life I like to take time out for myself, in a selfish way I feel I have earned it. As a mother & a housewife no one ever praises your efforts, in fact sometimes you wonder if the work you did all day can even be seen. That's why I take time for myself, to praise myself for doing what I have done in the day, because the betting is no one else will. In fact the betting is that even if I did make supermum status no one would realise it but myself.

So would I really want to get to supermum status anyway?


So A"MUSE"D said...

Katrina... wow great take on that.. love how it came full circle.. i'm sure your boys think you are a supermum...

Karen said...

So who is this person Katrina? I've never met her and I suspect that if I did she would be an absolute pain in the patoot. You don't want to be her.

Treighsie said...

I want to be a super mum too!!