Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Safe Place to Fall

Blog Prompt: What makes you feel safe?

I am fine during the daytime & i do feel safe. Of course I won't run down streets that have bad neighbourhoods, & I won't run down the street just near us that had a person murdered on it. That might be asking for trouble. It is at night that I have a real problem, especially if Scott is away.

When it is just me & the boys at home over night the thing that makes me safe is a little ritual. It's like a "goodnight room" to each room in the house. I do make sure that I take the phone with me & I place it by my bed. I have often wondered about hiding a big stick under the bed for me to use, but then maybe that would be easier to use against me than me use it against anyone.

I really hate being alone with the boys in the house at night. I have a very vivid imagination & any little creak gets my heart rate up. I am also a very light sleeper, all the time whether Scott is there or not, but it is even worse when he is not there. It takes hours to get to sleep & I usually only get about 4 hours sleep when he is away, because if something wakes me up I am awake for ages. I really don't like it when he is away so what really makes me feel secure is having Scott at home with me.

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loonyhiker said...

I know what you mean about being alone at night. My hubby and I have only slept apart on 2 separate occasions for a total of 8 days in almost 25 years of marriage. I can't sleep if he isn't in bed with me.