Thursday, May 31, 2007

Family Doings

Not much to report really.

The boys brought home their effort cards in the weekend & James has improved while Brent has slipped back.

Both boys played soccer in the weekend & brent had a good first half playing in goal. He had Scott standing behind him telling the defense to move up or fall back which might have been a good help. They were playing a team that had also never won a game & unfortunately Brent's team lost 1-0. James had fun running up down the field in his game, he did touch the ball a bit & twice he managed to get it going back in the right direction. He actually showed some good skills in doing that & therefore won player of the day.

Scott flew off to Wellington for Martinborough on Sunday night. The boys thought that by bed time Sunday they were already missing him. I guess that's because I had to be the task master & the bad person who told them to go to bed. Scott was up there until Tuesday night & really he found the whole thing a waste of time. He didn't want to go anyway & then to sit through 2 days of stuff said exactly the same way as about a year or so ago was just rubbing salt into the wound. He was not the only person who thought that. It would appear that the ANZ employees had all sat through it before & really it was new for the ex National Bank employees. It was supposedly getting them to think in a different way. Meanwhile on those same two days there was an ACI course in Wellington that would have been far more beneficial for Scott. Needless to say that Scott is really disgruntled at the moment.

Not much else to add so have a great weekend everyone.

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