Friday, June 01, 2007

Exercise leaving a smile on the face?

Tell about something that made you smile yesterday or today.

I have come back from the gym with a smile on my face because for 2 straight weeks in a row I have kept up my exercise routine. I am really pleased although a step on the scale says I have gained 1kg. However I will not let that get me down because surely if I am converting fat to muscle it's got to be good for me. What made me smile earlier in the week is Scott agreeing with me that my waist is looking more defined. Then again I sometimes wonder if he says that just so I don't feel bad after working so hard. I am getting fitter becaise I can now run for 24 minutes non stop that's a huge change from when I started & I could only run for 12 minutes.

I just love my swimming though, yesterday I swam for 1.5km & felt really fantastic so I think next week I might try for 2kms. I am really stoked today because I was able to do my full set of military presses 4 times. I have really worked hard at trying to being able to do my 4 set of 12 reps. I didn't used to have a problem at Jellie Park but this new gym has a way heavier bar bell. At Jellie park I was doing the barbell + 4kg, now at thgis new place I can only do the barbell, still today I have finally cracked pushing it for the 4 sets.

Next week the exercise routine will be broken a bit because of the public holiday on Monday but I am still hoping to get to the gym twice, swimming once & one jog.

Go me for sticking at it, boo to the scales for sticking at the same weight but one day dear scales there will be a shock & you will have to drop.


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Glynis said...

Yay!!! Way to go! Good for you for sticking to it :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful news. You go girl.

Jenny said...

Well done!!

Karen said...

Well done Katrina. I know how hard I find it to stick to any exercise regime so I totally admire you for being so disciplined.