Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kids Bikejam - Sunday 26 March

One of the boys in Brent's class told us about the Meridian Energy Kids Bikejam

I signed up Brent & Scott to have a go. It is not a race it's a participation event & everyone who finished got a medal.

There were 700 children registered for the event that was biking through Bottle Lake Forest. Add in all the parents that were there & there must have been well over 1000 people. What an impressive turnout on what was a very cold & gloomy day. The 5 -7 year olds went off first with their caregivers. Brent had a lot of fun but Scott lost a wheel around the course so they had to stop & put it back on. Not very good when the wheel had only been put on at John Bull Cycles on Friday after having mountain bike treads put on it. Luckily Scott wasn't hurt but it did mean that they got stuck in slow traffic. There was an official photographer at the event & there is a picture of Brent riding through the forest. If the link doesn't take you directly to him take a look at picture 84 in the 5-7 year old group.

Brent is already to do the event next year & couldn't have been more proud of his "gold medal". Posted by Picasa

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