Sunday, April 02, 2006

Other News for the week

James has done really well at swimming this term & last Saturday he got graded & he is now going to be moving up a class. Hopefully next weekend I'll be able to get a photo of him & his certificate for being able to move out of jellyfish & start being a flounder.

The big peice of news for me was that I got my first grant application for kindy approved. I was very surprised to hear that we got the full amount we requested from the CCC. This is wonderful because now we can buy some new Thomas the Tank Engine wooden, tracks & engines, as well as one of the activity mats that can be used with it. We also can now buy a tunnel for the children to crawl through.

Brent has been exhausting himself recently by staying awake way after we put him to bed at night & then getting woken up or waking up at around 5:45. This has meant that on Thursday morning he threw a tantrum over nothing before he even left for school. I kept him home on Thursday just so that he could calm down & get some rest. I'm not sure it worked though as he is still throwing tantrums at a drop of a hat & not getting much sleep.

Maybe it is because he is trying so hard with his school work. It hasn't gone unnoticed by his teacher as when we got to school on Friday morning, he had a certificate waiting for him saying "Congratulations Brent for having a fantastic attitude towards school!" I wonder how the effort card will look this time? We were expecting it to come on on Friday but apparently they didn't get one so maybe it is coming home tomorrow.

The Week Ahead
Tomorrow I will have to go into the pool early & try & get James into a new class. I really hope he can get into the 10am class on a Saturday. Unfortunately there aren't many flounders classes in the morning on a Saturday & none of them look to be with Amy (the teacher he has had for the last two terms).

James has got a playdate with Joseph on Tuesday so he's very excited about that. That reminds me. I have thought about what to do about having his party & including his two kindy friends. I have decided we'll have a party come playdate kind of event for him & 5 of his kindy friends in July (before he goes to Medbury). Then he can invite his whole Medbury class around for his birthday party in September. Hopefully this cunning plan will work & I won't have quite so many boys to look after at once, not like Brent's party.

Friday is looking to be a very busy day for me. We are having granny's interrement (however you spell it) at 10am down at the cemetry. Then I have a kindy committee meeting at 12:30 & mum will take James to what is going to be his very last gymbaroo class. I have decided that with having kindy meetings on Friday afternoons it is best just to keep James out of gymbaroo next term. Brent finishes school for the term on Friday.

Saturday is going to be swimming, the last lesson for the term. Then off to Andrew's 2nd birthday party. We will probably be arriving late for it as the timing between ending a swimming lesson at 10:30 & a party starting over the other side of town at 11am is a bit tight. We will be there though.

Sunday there is a working bee at the kindy from 9:30 & finishing at 12:30. Following that there will be fish & chips for lunch. Hopefully we'll get some bark put down & leafs racked up & gutters cleaned out.

Hopefully on Monday I'll be able to update my blog again with photos from Andrew's party & James with his certificate.

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Ruth said...

Gosh Katrina, that made me tired just reading everything you have on. I hope youget some time to relax yourself in there somewhere.