Monday, April 10, 2006

Other news & coming up

The week ended with a clump of engagements.

Friday we had granny's interrement. The morning started out raining & cold but just as we were due to start the interrement proceedings the rain stopped. Was that a sign from above?

After that I went in & dropped Scott of at work & had a coffee with him. He had worked that morning from around midnight till 4 or 5 in the morning so he had a few moment free to have a coffee with me. Then I went back home to pack up the stuff for my kindy committee meeting. The teachers have found a new expensive kind of trolley that the children would love to play in, so I now have yet another grant application to fill in. hopefully we can try & get this funding from the Hillary Commission. So I now have to find funding for 2 laptops, stage 2 of the playground upgrade, fans inside the kindy building to provide ventilation & the Uni-tubs. What a lot of work. The hard part is sifting through the organisations & finding which one will take funding for what sort of equipment & then calling in the quotes.

Saturday has already been talked about & was very busy.

Sunday was the kindy working bee. As I predicted the same old people were there. Scott came to me & said there's a good turnout I turned around & said to him that they were all committee members plus one of the teachers. So we had about 6 families plus a kindy teacher there. The grounds look a lot better with the wood chips renewed, the paths swept, & the sand pit dug over.

Today was Brent's first day of the holidays so he, James & I walked or biked to kindy. Then I went for my jog while he biked beside me. We came home did some chores & then went back & picked up James. Both boys were tired at around 1pm & after having a fight they got sent to their rooms for rest time where they promptly fell asleep. They must be tired little boys but at least they don't have to wait up long to meet Scott off the plane from his day trip to Wellington.

Tuesday will be Scott's last day before he takes his Easter break off. Hopefully the boys & I will drop him off in town & then drop off James. We'll do some chores & I'll do some pilates & then we'll walk/bike down & pick up James. Hopefully we'lll pick Scott up from work later in the day. That night I have a layouts class.

Wednesday will be kindy library for me & we'll make it James' last kindy day of term. We'll put some new tyres on my car & put Mo in at the cattery before picking up James & taking off to Wanaka around lunch time. I hope by leaving a couple of days early we'll get a pretty easy run down traffic wise.

We'll be in Wanaka to watch the warbirds & just having some r & r before heading back home on Monday.

I hope you all have a wonderful easter break & remember some bunny loves you.

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Ruth said...

Have an awesome time in Wanaka. Would love to see the warbirds.