Thursday, April 27, 2006

Discovering Digital

Well you can already see some changes on this blog & it is due to a digital scrapbooking course I am doing. I am finally able to work out how to do some stuff in PSE4 & look at that I can personalise my own blog banner.

This is the title page & a couple of other pages that I have been taught how to do from

I am really enjoying this class becuase it is not only teaching me how to do scrapbooking digitally but I am learning how to use PSE4 at the same time.

So this week I have been taking a digital scrapping class online.

Scott is still sick but he has now given me his sore throat too, so we are both on antibiotics at present trying to fix ourselves up. Luckily both boys seem to be getting over their colds & don't seem to have caught our sore throats.

Not much has really happened this past week, probably because we have both been feeling so awful. Scott's been at home more than at work but then he had to work over the weekend so really any chance of getting better flew out of the window with that.

The boys & I went into town last Friday to have coffee with Scott. While we were there we went into Bally's & bought Brent his new shorts. After Brent's winter shorts problem last year we decided to buy James a couple of the smallest pairs of shorts. What do you know, just like Brent they are falling off him. Hopefully by buying them a term early I can try & adjust them so they don't fall down. James is very excited by having some of his uniform & P E uniform already.

James started back at kindy yesterday & was happy to be there. I was very happy to have him there too, because the noise level in the house dropped substantially for the morning. Poor Brent was a bit lost though. He is not allowed to watch TV unless we are in the room with him because on Tuesday both boys managed to swing on the tv cabinet doors & made the tv fall on to the ground. I was far from happy considering that's the second time they have done that, so their punishment is only tv when we are in that room. That doesn't really happen all that often so now the boys have to entertain themselves without tv. It's been quite good because for one day it got them to do a bit of imaginary play & colouring in. Today however both boys have rediscovered the computer & they have been playing on that.

When I went to pick up James yesterday I got there in time to see the teachers unpacking the boxes from Every Educaid. It was the trains & trainset that I had managed to get a grant for. Just to see the children's excitement was encouraging to me, & a spur to keep me plugging to get all the grants I can for kindy.

Coming up in the next week is Brent starting the second term & swimming starting for the term with James going up a class. We all go & get our haircuts done on Saturday & watch out I may be sporting a new hair colour.


Mel said...

Great to see you digi scrapping - you have convinced me I need to get into it - I shall check out the ig Picture website - thanks

Angela said...

Very cool Digi LO's! I still need some work in the digi world!