Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Saturday 15th April

Brent woke up at 6:45 as he did every morning & told us he was feeling sick. He had a headache. We had thought that we would try to be up early to get to the airshow early to get a good park. We ummed & ahhed about going. The sky was overcast & it looked windy, which day was supposed to be better, today or tomorrow? In the end we decided we would give it a miss so we made the breakfast that was going to be for the day we wouldn’t go to the airshow. What do you know? Brent suddenly felt better, so we hurriedly packed our lunch & everything to take with us & went in two cars to the airshow.

We left at 9:30 & we didn’t get very far before we were in a traffic jam. It took us 40 minutes to get to the airfield. We parked on the flat beside the Canberra Bomber & then walked to the front of the field. They had a good area roped off near the runway but away from the load speakers & we managed to find a spot. It was actually a great day to be photographing the airshow as the cloud was covering the sun, otherwise I would have been shooting straight into it. It was not cold either & really it only did a little bit of spitting from time to time.

The show itself was fantastic & because we had been & seen most of the static displays on Thursday there was no need to drag the children through the crowds to see those. The boys were really well behaved but did get scared (as did I) when the F111 seemed to sneak up on us for it’s dump & burn. The noise that machine makes is unbelievable & it reduced James to tears.

Brent was starting to tire around 3pm so we sent him home with mum & Scott, James & I stayed on until the end. James arrived back at the end of the day & told mum how he waved to the pilot in one of the planes & he waved back. He’s right too, because by 3:15 most people had left so we could get a spot up at the fence again.

It was a wonderful day & we all enjoyed it.

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