Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wednesday 12 April

I dropped James off at kindy while Brent & Scott to Mo to the cattery. We came home & were all packed ready to hit the road at 11:15. We picked James up early from kindy, briefly came home so he could do a toilet stop & dump off his kindy gear & then we were off.

We decided to have lunch at Rakaia to let the boys run around in the playground & burn off some energy in hopes they would have a sleep on the journey down to Wanaka.

The boys only did about 20 minutes sleep & were awake the rest of the way. We saw 5 police cars & a couple of speed cameras, one just after we had overtaken two cars. Hopefully it didn't flash us, I suppose we will know in a month's time.

We arrived in Wanaka at about 5pm.

A pretty uneventful day but the boys were very hyped up to see that nana was there.

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